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14th-Jul-2012 09:06 pm - [sticky post] Sharing PoT Musicals
toru, masa
I have almost all the musicals so if you are interested you can check the list below.
If you have a request, just write me and I'll upload the links immediately if I have them.

Sorry but the posts are friends locked because I don't want to get in trouble for copyrighted material. You can add me as a friend to get them and remove me if you want. There are ones that are linked to other journals and you have to join those communities to download.

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8th-Aug-2016 11:17 pm - Hello!!!
toru, masa
It's been almost a year since I wrote in my journal. I had to work a lot but in my new job I'm not that busy.
I have no idea what is happening with Tenimyu, I know there's a new season but I kind of lost interest, maybe I'll catch up to see whats going on and who are the new Tenimyu members.

But today I want to share my new obsession *-* Seriously, I'm so in love, it's the same feeling I had when I started to watch Tenimyu but now my love is not for japanese boys but korean.
I'm not into Kpop and I have no interest, I heard of some bands coming to my country 'cause there's a big fandom here but that's all.
But I don't know how I ended watching this amazing MV and I fell in love. The boys are so so cute, they are adorable, but also amazing dancers and singers, I just couldn't believe it when I watch them, I never thought Kpop was like this and I'm not wrong.
If you have watched Kpop bands, their formula is: bunch of cute guys or girls (mostly with surgeries to look better), cheesy choreography and lip singing. But these guys are just the oposite, they do what they want, they are so talented and freaking adorable *-*
If just been a week since I started watching their MV and I can't stop, I'm already became a fan.

My favourite song and video so far

If you haven't whatch them, DO IT! and if you have and you are a fan, please share your thoughts with me.
11th-Aug-2014 08:02 pm - Free!
toru, masa

It's been like 7 years since I've watched and anime, and recently I heard about this one.
I saw a picture of two characters, they were dressed and looked normal so I didn't care to much about them XP
I was boring one night and there was nothing on the TV to watch. I don't know how and why but I decided to give Free! a try.
My surprise was... Hot guys in swim trunks *nosebleed*

Why Makoto is not real? He's the perfect guy, sweet and hot *o*

Just finished the first season and I'm starting the second, never thought I'll be so hooked with an anime again.
15th-Feb-2014 01:54 pm - I love this kid!!
toru, masa
Isn't he adorable?

I just adore him
24th-Dec-2013 05:55 pm - Feliz Navidad!!
toru, masa

Well, it is not Christmas in my country yet. ^^U

I've just prepared my stomach (I had a light lunch) to eat the delicious dinner my mom cooked. The dinner is always what I'm looking forward in Christmas, I'm a glutton.
Anyway, I just want to wisht everybody a Merry Christmas!! Enjoy it with the people you must care
10th-Apr-2013 04:52 pm - New Drama to watch
It's been a years since I've watched a drama and now that I have free time I want to watch some dramas and of course with tenimyu actors involved.
So, Harukawa Kyosuke appears in Rokudenashi Blues, he's a boxer and he looks extremely hot.

Just the first 3 episodes are subbed but I just found two, the torrent links don't work anymore T^T. I don't care if the rest of the episodes are not subbed but I want to watch this drama so badly. If anyone knows where I can't watch this online or find the download links I'll be really grateful. For now I'll try to find them by myself.
22nd-Nov-2012 04:36 pm - Personal Update
Well I'm not a person who likes to write too much 'cause I'm not good at it and less in another language

I started to work two months ago, I'm really busy, I don't even have time to use my computer, to draw ;o; but I like earn money a lot.
Finally I have the money to pay my degree so oficially I'll be an Interior Designer, and I'm saving more money to my trip to Japan, maybe I'll go in 2 years :) or less.

Yesterday while I was working two men entered to the Art Gallery where I work, I was showing them som decoration pieces and one of them asked me in wich country I was from and I was like o.O I'm Mexican, but they told me that I didn't look like a mexican, well of course, almost all the people from Mexico doesn't look like mexicans because all the mix of races we have. That was funny because nobody has told me that and less someone from my own country lol.

In the next days I'll be uploading more of Tenimyu, If someone has a request just tell me. 
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